Use #BLUE2016 During BLUE 2016 for Social Impact!

Our official hashtag for the BLUE Ocean Film Festival event this year is #BLUE2016. You should tag all of your social media postings during and after the event with this tag so your content will be easily grouped with other attendees shared posts and to create a greater impact for the oceans.


You might like to bookmark this special Twitter Hub that we have created in order to aggregate all of the media tagged #BLUE2016 so that we can share your posts after the festival and during the event.  You can even send new tweets to or about us (@BlueOceanFilm) right from that page.

Twitter Hub for #BLUE2016

You can even embed the hashtag hub into your own site, if you like. Just grab the code from the page. This is the live version of the embed.
EXAMPLE: Click the link to tell your followers that you are going to BLUE 2016