Google Liquid Galaxy

Experience Google’s Liquid Galaxy at BLUE

At BLUE, you can discover an immersive Google Earth experience like never before in the Liquid Galaxy, exhibited in the Portola Hotel. Step inside a chamber of monitors arranged in a circle around you, and fly anywhere in the world in seconds. Mountains, buildings, valleys, and even the ocean floor fill your peripheral vision.

Explore further by visiting the educational and photo layers in Google Earth and Google Maps. These layers feature place data, educational stories, photos and videos from over 100 partners, including large media groups like National Geographic and the BBC; researchers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Scripps Institute of Oceanography; non-profits like the Cousteau Society and Mission Blue; aquariums; universities; NOAA, the US Navy and other government groups.

The Oceans Program at Google is dedicated to making ocean data searchable, accessible and useful in Google Earth and Google Maps. It strives to instill a sense of optimism and hope by providing a new way of understanding the nature of the world and our place in it. Knowing is the key. With knowing comes caring, and with caring there is hope that we can -and will- find an enduring place for ourselves within the mostly blue planet that sustains us.