Eventbrite - BLUE 2016 (BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit)

BLUE 2016 SPEAKERS / 2016 Awardees

International Film Festival

Brooke Runnette

Brook Runnette
An Emmy­- and Peabody Award­-winning producer, Runnette has a long list of successes as creative executive, with a history of balancing risk­-taking with operational discipline. Runnette was previously president of National Geographic Studios, responsible for all television, film and digital video production for the Society. She rebooted the Explorer series for the National Geographic Channel, which premiered with the multiple ­award-­winning Warlords of Ivory, featuring National Geographic Explorer of the Year Bryan Christy. More than just a TV show, the investigation of illegal poaching across Africa became the centerpiece of a new impact initiative around wildlife trafficking for the Society.




James Honeyborne

James Honeyborne is the director of The Meerkats feature film and the producer and director of many award-winning BBC wildlife documentaries.

Honeyborne attended Ampleforth College and studied biology at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He joined the BBC Natural History Unit in 1992, working first for the commercial wing Wildvision and then on a number of live TV outside broadcasts from around the world.



Nainoa Thompson | 2016 BLUE Legacy Award

Nainoa Thompson – native Hawaiian navigator of Hawaii’s traditional double-hull sailing canoe Hokule’a, and President of the Polynesian Voyaging Society – is a living conduit of Hawaiian culture and traditional wayfinding skills. He is the first Hawaiian to practice the art of wayfinding on long distance ocean voyages since voyaging ended in Hawai’i around the 14th century. Thompson has been a member of every major voyage of Hokule’a since she first set sail in 1976, including the 1978 voyage with big wave rider Eddie Aikau.






Greg MacGillivray | 2016 BLUE Legacy Award

MacGillivray was first nominated for an Academy Award in 1995 for directing The Living Sea (Best Documentary Short Subject), and was nominated in the same category again forDolphins in 2000.

He initiated the development of three cameras for the IMAX format the high-speed (slow-motion) camera, the industry’s first lightweight camera, and the “all-weather” camera used during filming on Mount Everest.







David Evans Shaw

David Evans Shaw is managing partner of Black Point Group LP, with wide-ranging interests in technology companies and public service. His business creation, leadership, investment and board experience includes numerous science-based companies including IDEXX Laboratories, Ikaria, Curiosity Stream, Ironwood, Physion, Vets First Choice, Modern Meadow, and others. Shaw’s public service experience includes AAAS, the National Park Foundation, the Jackson Laboratory, the Sargasso Sea Alliance, State of Maine, Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Maine Medical Center, Hurricane Island Outward Bound, the US-Israel Science and Technology Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Service Nation and others. He is a lifelong beneficiary of experiences in marine and terrestrial parks around the world.